i am the co-founder and CEO of vragments, our berlin-based virtual reality startup. we are building a vr tool fader for users to enable them to create and publish their own vr stories easily and fast. also, we build vr projects in collaboration with newsrooms.

from 2008 until 2016, i worked for germany’s international broadcaster deutsche welle. as part of their innovation team, i focused on evolving technical and organizational processes of journalism and participated in numerous EU co-funded projects. my areas of expertise included data journalism, cloud computing, and social media verification as a part of journalists’ daily workflows. for deutsche welle’s akademie, i conducted numerous journalism workshops abroad.

in 2015, i was part of the team of Sender. it aimed to be the first cooperative broadcaster in germany. independent from advertising, we wanted to provide our users with information and perspectives rarely heard in mainstream media.

in summer 2014, i started working for DACOSTO, a #ddj unit, initiated by Lorenz Matzat, who is the founder of the location-based service framework Lokaler.

two imho great products came out of that:

the first one is called Meinungsmaschine and it depicts guests (including age and sex) and topics of the four big political talkshows in germany. the aggregation of the data shows the surprisingly low percentage of women who are part of the shows, and the surprisingly small number of topics being discussed as well as the fact that people under the age of 34 are underrepresented. #smh. here, i gave an interview to deutschlandfunk discussing the results.


the second one is a #ddj catalogue we launched together with Moritz Klack and Christopher Möller from the catalogue displays more than 200 german #ddj projects and it is a great respository. you can filter and sort through various media organizations, types of visualizations and #ddj gurus.