these days, i mostly do 360 videos e.g. at the #noban rally in washington square, the i am muslim too march at times square or the womens’ march in new york – all at the beginning of this year.  these stories were all built with our vr tool fader.

this project is called “real people with real stories“. i love interviewing people with inspiring, motivational and personal stories. everybody has a story, so check out this playlist:

another project of mine is called radical punch. we started out in summer 2011 and produced the last episode at the beginning of 2012. have a look see

in case you didn’t know: i love interviewing people. especially when they’ve got interesting things to say, like brian storm or aron pilhofer. these are just a few videos i filmed and edited as part of my work for deutsche welle’s innovation unit:

my colleagues refer to me as “the voice” because i lend my angelic soundbites to animation videos that explain eu projects. the videos were produced by visual journalist Alex Hartmann, here is the playlist: